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Procharged 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, 5.7 Hemi
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Just picked up a 2020 GC Summit 5.7 and have been reading up on the ECO mode.
From what I have found the engine cylinder deactivation can cause some issues long term that I am not interested in having to just save money at the pump.

I do however like the way the transmission shifts to the upper gears when I am just doing some city cruising. It's smoother with the ECO mode on.

Is there any way to have the ECO mode just do the transmission and perhaps the throttle tone down but NOT shut down have the engine?

If I ever need to feel the full power I can just flip it in Sport mode.... most of my driving is between 25-45 miles an hour in the city.

thanks in advance
W E L C O M E ! ! !
... to the forum.

Do a little more research.

You will find the majority of the issues are more associated with the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) (the years when VVT was introduced) than the Multiple Displacement System (MDS).
... something along the lines of poor oiling to the lifters after VVT came out..
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