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hemi starting issue

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hey guys,
has anyone had an experience where they cant start the hemi in the morning or after long periods of non use. No codes and dealer cant find any issues supposedly. Its going back monday or tuesday. Takes minimum of four 5 second cranks before it finally starts. Once it starts the first time its good for most of the day unless it sits for 12hrs or more.
any help where to start looking greatly appreciated!
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Mine starts right up, but has been missing a bit until it is warmed up. And, my lawn mower now takes a few extra pulls to start. That is my notice that the local station has switched to winter blend.

I had this happen to my TrailBlazer shortly after moving here. The service manager at the local Chevy dealer told me to go to Walmart and buy two cans of Chevron injector cleaner. I've been doing that for seven years now with good results. I have to pick some up this week.

He said that something in the winter blend really needs clean injectors.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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