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Thanks for the space...In advance for the support.
I see we're the smaller of GC groups? But...IF everybody showed up, to break new ground and forge into the unknown hinterlands...
The word "Leadership" wouldn't exist! Right?!
Good thing I have all-wheel drive, it's getting deep in here already. Anyway second owner 96 Laredo up country long-term owner, about 20 years and we're about to breathe new life into my 200k forest green beast. So expect me to be picking brains and stealing ideas. Because the truth be told I probably don't have an original thought in my head my greatest successes are an offshoot of somebody else's groundwork.
Initially here, two questions please. So I got my second build sheet cuz I lost the first one or somebody took it and there's multiple pieces of equipment that did not get bolted into this CJ the most concerning is the Dana 44 limited slip rear end. I found this out for sure when running an undersized tire for a month cost me my front chunk. And somewhere in determining what I needed up front we research the rear end and I believe I have a 35 back there. So, has anybody ever encountered such things as this missing lighting groups missing speakers missing an axle off of the build sheet as ordered delivered and sold to the original buyer, you think there's any recourse whatsoever?? I'm just mentioned the fact without a question of satisfaction to a couple of dealers and their first response was either were you the original buyer or suggesting that had been in the shop and replaced. I do need to check Jeep shop or warranty records... But this isn't my first rodeo, and had the vehicle long time- this axle that's in it, is factory installed. It has not been replaced and that is a ludicrous response. Anyway thoughts please?
Secondly - sourcing opinions here too. I've been looking at Wheels, and the 5X 4.5 pattern great in the day, is a pia in 2021 for selection. After months of coming up short here and there- whether it be backspacing, offset, bolt pattern or whatever way you could miss. Or I just don't like the style. Or "Oh that's great, except it goes on a tuner- Not a Jeep! Finally settled on Pro Comp's Stryker, in 16x8 zero offset. Mostly because my preferred design elements are there, it's a quality wheel, and I stole it! @ $108 landed, all in.
I have not checked my naked OEM spare wheel to determine whether I'm on a 25 or a 32 offset, but anyway- at a minimum I'm moving outward an inch, plus half of an inch in rim width.
This dd spends a lot of time on the road v dirt. At the drop of the hat it may RndTrip 1,500 miles. I Do want a plus one look, a recognizable larger stance. But, don't want an aggressive stance. I like them, just not on the dd, and its refurbed a to z frt. Suspension. The build sheet said it came with 245/15" rim. My question is, After mentally stuck on 255/ 70 series in Toyo, Pirelli Scorpion, Pro comps, or Nokians... But not being able to physically put hands on one, in a rural town- so to look at it up close. I stopped by WallyWorld and put two Dextro dat1, against my present 235/75 set-up (sitting on the ground) I looked at both 255 and 245 /70 and was amazed at the difference between the 245 v 255 in height and scale! Now wishing they made a 250, 😆 jk
Back to the question has anybody upsized in similar realm or range? What might you suggest? IF you've looked at these options, what was your thinking? I want to be at 30 in tall (now sits @28.25), and right at 10 wide.
I've been considering a 245/75, that gets my height plus the width is a minor difference vs 70 series.
I'm kind of stuck. I just don't know if I want to go with the 255. And up front, I will break the plane of the fender lip I don't anticipate any major rubbing. Several owners said they'd run 10x30/15 w/ no mods and not running up-country which gives me about 1 extra inch, unless sagged. Anyway- a way too long first post. But, you know what you're in for. Please open comments- I need some opinions. If Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread
Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Spoke
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Automotive lighting

somebody's bold enough to give advice I'll listen to that too. Thank you very much gentlemen. be safe!
~ Remember the rubber faces down, the people face up!
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