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HID to LED Assembly Conversion

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Long story short, I had the dealer replace the HID bulbs on my 2012 Overland Summit in September 2017. I never drive the vehicle after dark because we use another vehicle when we go out, and my wife who is the primary driver doesn't drive much after dark - and she doesn't ever really complain about anything or let me know what's up with the Jeep unless a light comes on.

Anyways, I drove it after dark the other night on a dimly lit road and felt that the headlights were completely out of whack. With the help of a buddy of mine (former mechanic), I go to adjust them and got the passenger side tuned in nicely. We couldn't get the driver side tuned-up at all. He had the airbox and such out of the way before I could blink, and he started taking pictures. It appears as though the fingers holding the bulb on that side are completely mangled.

I heard the entire this is what happens when you take it to the dealer thing. And I doubt they'd own up to anything anyways - even if it wasn't three and a half years later.

Looking at the HID assembly, the prices aren't cheap. I've read around online and seen videos of people changing out headlight assemblies in lieu of LED ones. This raises a few questions:
  1. Are the little finger things that hold the bulb in place changeable? If so, anyone knows the part number or what the technical name would be for me to do my own search?
  2. If the fingers that hold the bulb into place are not serviceable, can I replace the HID assembly with LED, or is that going to require modding the harness and wiring in resistors?
  3. If that's not an option, do I have to replace both assemblies?

As you can see from the photo, it appears that five or so of the fingers are mangled. I'm assuming this means that the bulb can't properly be held in place.



The driver side is completely dull.
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That’s because the bulbs were changed without removing the front fascia. I’m glad I took the time to pull mine off to change them once I seen all the little fingers that are easily bent. More than likely the other side has bent ones as well so that’s why the pattern is messed up. If you pull the front fascia off and remove the headlight assembly, I’m pretty sure they can be straightened out enough to get the bulbs seated properly. I put the Osram Cool Blue bulbs in and they are fantastic. They look like leds which is what I wanted.
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Taking the front fascia off wasn’t that bad. The hardest part is where it connects to the wheel opening trim. My Summit was different than what I seen on here but I think the others weren’t Summits. Once I figured it out it was really easy.
I got them from a third party seller on Amazon.
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