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The 08+ 4.7 liter engine is a different animal when it comes to bolt on parts. One such part is a CAI. Whn I got my Jeep, the first thing I wanted to do was a CAI. After some research, I settled on the AFE stage 2. The price was right, and it seemed of good quality. It also said that it fits the 08+ engines. WRONG!!!!!!

Here's the 08+ engine. Notice the shroud covering the the intake.

Shroud removed. The factory planum/resonator/whatever is different for the 08+

Also, the radiator overflow is bigger on the 08+

So how do you make the AFE CAI fit?

I started by fitting the AFE airbox into position. It almost fits.

You have to trim the factory radiotor ovrflow a bit so the box can fit. Here is the amount needed to trim.

So now that the airbox fits, we need to see if the tube that AFE supples works. It does not. Note how much overlap there is from the tube to the stock plenum thingy.

I fixed that problem by cutting the AFE tube just before the bend and using a 90 degree elbow.

Now the CAI fits and is relatively stock looking. You lose the intake shroud, but so what.

Of course K&N now make a 63 that fits the 08+ motors.

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sorry Kyle....Jrekasie purchased it a couple months ago
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