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How To: Install VLEDs Dual Color Turn Signals

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Here is what I did and how I did it...You can obviously do it however you want as this is only how I did it and should be only used as a guide!

Parts Used:

VLEDs Dual Color Changing Turn Signal LEDs
VLEDS 3ohm Resistor and Splicing Clips
2 Sheet Metal Screws

Tools Used:

Wire Cutters
SlipJoint Pliers
NeedleNose Pliers
Screw Drivers (Flat and Phillips)
Drill with Metal Bit

Ok, Lets get started.

First, I removed the turn signal socket from the headlight housing by turning it 1/4 turn and pulling it out. I removed the OEM turn signal bulb. I then took the wire cutters and carefully removed about 4 to 5 inches of the tape/casing that is wrapped around the wires going into the socket itself. *I didnt take any pics of this step, But Im sure you can figure it out*

I have 3 wires going into the socket, a GREEN, a BLACK and a BLACK/PURPLE. We are ONLY going to be working with the GREEN and the BLACK wires...Leaving the BLACK/PURPLE alone.

I inserted the BLACK wire into the one side of the slicing clip and then inserted one of the resistor wires into the other. It doesnt matter what resistor wire you use. Once I had both in, I took the SlipJoint pliers and squeezed the metal splicer down. Before I closed the clip, I made sure that the metal splicer went into the wires. With that checked, I shut the splicing clip!

Now I repeated the above step for the GREEN wire.

I then moved to do the other side and I repeated all the same steps above. I found that this side was sooooooooo much easier to do.

I did a quick double check to make sure all the splicing clips are completely shut.

Ok, Once I finished both sides I plugged in the VLEDs LEDs. BEFORE I put them back into the headlight housing, I tested them out. If they arent working, pull out the bulb(s), turn them 180degrees and reinsert them.

I now put the LEDs back into the headlight housing being careful not to tangle/twist up the wires.

Now on to mounting the resistors. Obviously you can do whatever you want here, but Ill explain what I did anyway. For this I decided to attach them directly to the lip going around my engine compartment (not sure how to exactly describe it). I wanted the resistors to be on metal to help the heat dissipate since I heard they get VERY hot. For this reason I decided against double sided tape. So, I drilled a hole using a metal drill bit and attached the resistor directly to the lip using a sheet metal screw.

Then I did the same for the other side.

With all that done, I stood back and admired my work!


I am sure I will be editing this just in case I missed something or whatever. If you have an questions/comments please feel free to ask.

Also, another thank you to Scott(saleen032) for all his help on the phone!!!!!!!!

*This is only to be used as a guide and I take no responsibility for your actions*
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Wow... looks awesome Frankie. Nice work man!
Wow... looks awesome Frankie. Nice work man!
Thanks Blake! :)
Sweet write up dude, I may need your help installing these some time soon.
Whenever you want man!

PS - I still have the LED brake lights if you want them!
nice work
i'll do this one day!
Nice write up Frankie..I may have to do this soon
I jumped on the wagon, i put my order in today hopefully I will have mine by mid next week. Thanks for your help Frankie
Looks great!!! I can't wait to get them. My next mod after led tails and painted halo headlights :thumbsup:
this might be my next mod since i might axe the whole led taillight idea
I'm getting the black led tails. I'm not sure about the tint thing tho.
Frankie, I gave up on this a while ago...
I followed this instructions and it seems there's a problem. After I use the blinker is supposed to go back to white, but instead stays off and then after a minute or two it slowly dims up to white again. I'm using the same 50W 3Ω resistors you are using.
Any idea? I wanted to try a 50W 2 or 1-1/2Ω resistors but I can't find any.
mario i can always take them off your hands if you can't get them to work:)
mario i can always take them off your hands if you can't get them to work:)
I know you would but my goal is to get them to work someday :(.
hehehe ok cool if not i will buy them off of you:) next week
hehehe ok cool if not i will buy them off of you:) next week
Irf, I don't want to sell them... I want to get them to work on my jeep!
How about you helping me getting them to work?
Do you know where I can buy resistors around this area?
Since the 50W 3Ω are not working, I want to get some 50W 2Ω and 4Ω and see what happens.
yes we can check out a few shops and we will get them to work:) you should also pick up those leds for the trunk that Nate and I did... $18 for 6 leds and thats it!!!
i bought my resistors off off I accidentally bought a 3 ohm and a 6 ohm. One of those should work for me. Frankie said the 3 ohm should be good. You can take the 6 ohm off my hands sometime next week once i install them and get them working
1 - 20 of 272 Posts
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