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Re: how to make the "6 speed" transmission in 2012 Hemi actually work as a 6 speed?

The shorter answer is that the V8 transmission has never provided the driver with the capability to select a specific gear, its not controllable or marketed as such.

The driver has some input as the max gear, but otherwise the transmission does whatever its wants. But if you approach redline its probably going to shift anyway. Its a well known feature/operation with this transmission, folks have been discussing it since the 1999 introduction. A little bit of research would have cleared it up... has some decent write ups. There are other sites with more info. The control system has many advantages and doesn't lend itself to driver interference. A driver could easily cause an overload... and the computer needs to protect itself from those abusive drivers.

I routinely set mine to 4 around town, 5 on the highway when in traffic, and D out on the open road.
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