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I posted this on the Wk2 pricing forum, but thought I'd put it here as well.


Sorry to derail the Great DVD Dilemma, but I'm new to the forum and about to make my first Jeep purchase after doing a lot of research.

Here are the desired specs:

2014 JGC Limited 4x4 V8
Black / Black
Lux Package II

I live in Austin and have contacted 10-15 dealers in Texas in the past few months. Initially, I heard back from 5 and they all sent nearly the exact same pricing, $45K sticker - $1500.

Once I let them know invoice for this model with upgrades is actually closer to $41K, some disappeared and others went into bunker mode.

My OTD price is $40K, which is 3-4% off invoice. Given the huge demand down here I don't think I'll get any better than that but would love some feedback from people that have purchased the same car or similar configuration and any negotiation tactics.

Thanks in advance.


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