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Reminds me of a car I had once that was possessed. The horn would randomly go off at the worst times....3 am, at a stoplight behind a cop (seriously, this happened). I had wedged cardboard between the horn and the steering wheel cover part to keep the contacts from hitting but it would still work if I hammered on it. I have no idea how still went off but it did.I had to rip the steering wheel apart to get it to stop. I never put it back together.

The trunk would also pop open whenever it wanted to. Just so much fun! It happened one time while I was at work and there was torrential rains so I get out to my car and it's filled with water. Water got in everywhere and it ended up causing mildew growth inside behind the back seats. It was awful!

Also, it stalled on me 3 times (this was before anyone had cell phones). The first time was in the absolute middle of one of the busiest intersections in the state in a pouring rain storm when I was wearing my softball spikes. I had to get out and push it across through the intersection with zero traction. I was coming back from a beer run during a softball tourney and had 4 cases of beer in the front seat (remember I couldn't put them in the trunk b/c it wouldn't stay closed). Luckily it was raining so hard that when a cop showed up he didn't want to get out of his car to question what I was up to.

The second time was when I was on my way to my brother's wedding. I was about 3 miles away from the church and it was 97 degrees out & incredibly humid. I had to walk/jog in my stupid dress shoes/pants/shirt so I wouldn't be late.

The third time was believe it or not during a funeral procession. It stalled right at the intersection to turn towards/into the cemetery. The way the roads were there wasn't much room to get around me d/t traffic and it was on a hill so there was no way to push it up and away from people. We had to direct the people behind us to go around and back others up so we could just back it up and push it on the boulevard out of the way.

That my friend is a possessed car!

I finally had the opportunity to total it during a snow-storm. Someone cut in front of me and I was either going to hit them head-on or into oncoming traffic or go off-road and hit a sign and tree. I chose the sign/tree combo and it worked. That was one of the best days of my life because the head gasket was shot & a huge oil leak. It was costing me $30/month in antifreeze to replace what was being burned off.

It was a Chevy Beretta. Never again. Never again.
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