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After much thinking I'm going to order the CRD when the order banks open up in April in USA.

I drive a lot of miles (25K year), 70-80% of it highway miles and that seems to be the best case for a diesel. I'm rationalizing the extra up-front cost (4,500) as somewhat offset by higher residual value in the end over same SUV with gas engine. I tend to keep my cars a long time so the end may be a while. I read that diesels can go for a ton of miles if they are maintained. I will be pretty diligent on maintenance, getting all recommended services.

For me the extra cost of Lux II package isn't a factor because I would be getting it anyway, plus they even give you a $1000 break on Lux II price with CRD because it's mandatory.

I don't technically need the extra power but I'm sure it will be fun to drive. I don't tow anything heavy right now, just a utility trailer, but we've talked about trying out a vacation rental travel trailer someday so the extra power would come in handy.

I get Chrysler Affiliate discount through work so will be using that.
Hi from australia, i have a 2012 crd, my first diesel vehicle, absolutely love!!!!!!!!! It, v6 was nothing compared to it when test drove both, so much torque, so enjoyable to drive, and never tow anything so didn't order tow bar, just keep watching your speedo especially on the highway, your going to be amazed at what this engine is capable of and thank yourself over and over again for picking the crd
Ps, also achieving around 1000 km's a tank with performance that rivals the hemi.
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