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Subaru Legacy
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After much thinking I'm going to order the CRD when the order banks open up in April in USA.

I drive a lot of miles (25K year), 70-80% of it highway miles and that seems to be the best case for a diesel. I'm rationalizing the extra up-front cost (4,500) as somewhat offset by higher residual value in the end over same SUV with gas engine. I tend to keep my cars a long time so the end may be a while. I read that diesels can go for a ton of miles if they are maintained. I will be pretty diligent on maintenance, getting all recommended services.

For me the extra cost of Lux II package isn't a factor because I would be getting it anyway, plus they even give you a $1000 break on Lux II price with CRD because it's mandatory.

I don't technically need the extra power but I'm sure it will be fun to drive. I don't tow anything heavy right now, just a utility trailer, but we've talked about trying out a vacation rental travel trailer someday so the extra power would come in handy.

I get Chrysler Affiliate discount through work so will be using that.

I'm pretty much in the same boat.
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