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If fuel economy is your first priority and power is secondary, consider this. Around town in stop and go driving my 2008 wk with hemi gets 12 mpg. I test drove a 2011 with the V6 pentstar and it had 17 mpg on the CID, also all stop and go from people like us test driving it. The Hemi produces a broad powerband across the whole rpm range. The pentastar produces it's power when you go over 4k rpms. The pentastar is a fine motor, but the GC is a large beast. My friend has one and does lots of freeway miles and averages in the mid 20's. The most I ever got out of my Hemi was 19 mpg. Advertised mileage vs. real world can vary widely, especially if you have a lead foot.

The best advice I can give is forget the numbers for a moment go test drive both. I can't count how many cars that I have driven that looked good on paper that I did not like in real life, nor how many cars I took a chance on and discovered I really liked. They day I bought my wk1 I was actually looking for a trailblazer SS.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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