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Just finish installing my springs with new rotors and pads
the front was the hardest to do for me.
pass side strut came out without disconnecting too much
sway bar link and upper arm.
driver side had to disconnect lower A arm to get enough clearance to remove strut.
back was straight forward imo
disconnect link and remove bolt from lower shock mount
and the 2 links that connect to hub so i could push down and remove springs not bad.
The rotors and brakes were not hard and look great and stop great
wish my other cars had these brakes $$$$
The stance looks great and the ride is much improved over stock.
feels tighter and tighter is better. IMO
time will tell on the brakes and rotors
R1 assured me these rotors are the premium brand not e-line
I do pull my boat so I choose Eibachs for towing.
Will update with pics after I wash.

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Sounds cool! We'd like to see some pics!
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