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Installed: Mesh on a Laredo Grill

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Well this morning I met up with Paul (Black Mamba) and I bought a PX8 Grill off of him. Great transaction and the grill was perfect. Just needed a cleaning. :)

I installed my Overland mesh onto the Laredo Grill. Thank you TimmyB for your instructions on how to switch it over and it was still a pain in the ass to do. :lol:

Here are some pics:

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I wasn't sure how it would look, But I like it much better... What about spraying the grill inserts gloss black w/ a clear coat???
Grille turned out very nice man..... but how the heck were you able to manage to leave the jeep in the middle of the street, go up to wherever you took that picture and not cause traffic?
Actually I love it the way it is.
Mon- My brother was walking on the new Park (Highline) and I asked him to snap a pic of me going around the corner.
Def the black toned it down in the front. Looks more masculine and sporty... I wonder how a black grill would look on a white WK???
Yeah Highline park is NICE!!! I was up there last thurs... I like the part where you can sit over the street and watch the cars...
Nice work, Joe :D looks really good, I couldn't wait to take the chrome grille off my Jeep. Easily one of my top three favorite mods.
ohhhh, wish I had a brother...... I mean that lives in my area.
Thanks Ryan!
Sorry Tony, I got to put it back on when I turn in the Jeep in 6 months.
lovin teh black color..
btw your tires don't look that bald.. drama queen :D
Oh dude they are horrendous now. Especially in the rain. Curves are fun now. :lol:
That looks great Joe.
Is the mesh all one piece or seven individual pieces?
Thanks Mark and Jeremy!!!

Ryan- Each grille are 2 pieced. One piece is the body painted/chrome part and everything else (slots/mesh and the rest of the plastic) is one piece.
Looking good as always Joe
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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