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Harrison, what part of town you on? I'm a born and raised Jax native of 37 years myself, and eventually will be doing some stuff to mine as well. I already have one major contact for hi-po, but it never hurts to acquire new leads, just-in-case!

GhettoB879, there's tons of things to do around town bro! Just depends on what your interests are. I probably won't be too much help since when I'm home most of my time is spent with my son, though usually we'll head out to eat at a few different restaurants here or there. Of course, we're spoiled because we live right by the airport, and the shopping plaza and surrounding area there has a lot of what we need and want... Super Wally World, 5 Guys burger joint, 14-screen movie theater, Lowes, Gander Mountain, Cold Stone Creamery, Sticky Fingers BBQ, Red Lobster, McD's, Panda Express, Old Navy, Office Max, GNC, Game Stop, Taco Bell, Denny's, Waffle House, and a whole bunch more!

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