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Hello all,

This is my first post and I hope this is the correct forum, if not I apologize. My wife and I recently went to the dealership to purchase a new 2018 Jeep Compass. I work for a company that is part of the Affiliate Rewards Program and we were told we were getting the Affiliate Pricing. We decided to lease the vehicle signed all the paperwork.

Then I get a call about a week later just before we were supposed to pick up the vehicle saying they needed me to sign paperwork for the Affiliate Program before they could complete the purchase. I said that was fine and I went in to sign the paperwork they needed, but the salesperson just gave me a blank form that said FCA US Affiliate Program Pricing & Acknowledgement Form that had nothing filled out that he wanted my signature on. I felt a little uneasy about that so he took the form back and filled in just one line for the "Preferred Price" which did match the PP Price on the Factory Invoice, but it did not match the agreed upon value of the vehicle on my lease and he was at a loss to explain why. I was supposed to talk to the finance guy but he was not there that day so I was waiting for him to get back to me about the difference.

I purchased a Grand Cherokee through this program two years ago and I signed everything the same day and the numbers matched, but that was a purchase and not a lease.

I was just hoping someone on the forum might have some insight into this program and if this seems normal or if the dealership could be trying to do something not completely above board.

At the moment the dealership won't give me a date to pick up the vehicle or return my emails about the difference in pricing and I do already have the signed lease agreement that says nothing about affiliate pricing or discount. I am just starting to get a weird feeling about the sales and finance person not making sense but maybe I'm overreacting?
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