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Good morning everyone,
Hope you are well.
I've bought first ever Jeep, Jeep Compass CVT 2.4ltr Petrol. I have few general questions/queries that I am hoping to get answers/advice.

1. The Jeep comes with full leather front heated seats. The Jeep website shows optional extras as Winter package where it shows leather heated seats, heated steering wheel and defrost windscreen wipers. My question is, since mine has heated seats already, would this car has heated steering wheel and the defrost option already? I know it's a vague question but just want to know how can I tell if mine has it or doesn't i.e. is there any button or options which would tell me?

2. I was reading about the car and somewhere I read we can have a keyless entry system - meaning along with keyless entry, the car keyring has an option to run/start the engine from the keyring and also like my Mercedes, you can open the boot from the keyring too. This Jeep keyring however has only open/close buttons. Can I get this option of opening and closing boot and engine start? or does this feature only applicable to Canadian/US models only - I am in UK.

3. Although the car has front sensors but they don't work, well I don't really know how to activate them as the rear ones work perfectly fine. Is there any button or activation procedure to achieve this please?

4. There is no reversing camera on this car and to be honest reverse parking in this car seems a little dangerous especially with 'cacooned' interior. Can we install/fit a reversing camera into this model and will it work with the factory UConnect system?

5. The software application version is 2.600 Gracenote: 5414 Database HWT1-E 1336 4.5.1 SDS 237246. can this be upgraded? I did put VIN number in UConnect but it says it is fully updated with 2013 software. I am wondering whether it can be upgraded or not? Someone suggest to download the latest version put a different VIN number into UConnect and download the latest version. How safe is it to install a software by putting a different VIN number?

6. The navigation software data base version is E 1336 4.5.1. It doesn't state which year this software is of nor show any updates. Can this be upgraded?

7. How often should we change transmission oil and joint oil in this car please?

Many thanks for your kind input in advance.

Kindest regards

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