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Jeep da Beach

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As a follow-up to my recent thread asking about airing-down for "Jeeping" on the beach, I'll say we had a great time last week while on vacation in Kure Beach NC adding that activity to our itinerary.

Wednesday morning, we drove a couple miles south from our rented duplex and bought a beach pass for the magnificent Fort Fischer park. After squatting on the hot pavement to let a whole bunch of air out of my tires :eek: we headed out into "sand land". It was an interesting experience, but my Summit negotiated things well in "Sand" mode. There were places where things were pretty bouncy (the teens enjoyed that for sure :) ) but otherwise it was smooth sailing. The Jeep did work pretty hard for the couple hours of actual driving in the loose and deep sand...temps were up for sure. And it was sucking fuel like it was enjoying a really good milk shake.

At any rate, here are some nice photos of my largely-a-highway-monster playing on the beach and getting a nice "tan"... :)

This dude came flying by where we were enjoying the sand and surf...

The first and likely last time my Summit will actually spend a night inside of a garage. LOL

The traveling rig...we felt that things were way too crammed on the way down, so we stopped at a Northern Tool store in Hampton VA and bought a hitch-mounted carrier (assembled in a hotel parking lot...) and at Lowes for a bin to put all the beach stuff, etc., in for the remainder of the trip. It worked out well and is a nice accessory to have when the utility trailer is too big for a small shopping excursion.

Oh...22mpg for the trip, despite the fuel economy heading into the toilet while on the beach. I can live with that, considering there were four adult sized people and "stuff" along for the ride. :D
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I may be doing the same thing at Kure beach in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to giving it a try. I think I need to invest in a real air compressor - my kids will get really impatient waiting for the $12 one I have filling up those big 20" tires.
Heading out to Kure this weekend. Looking forward to it! Is there a checklist I can use to help me make sure I don't get stranded?
Well, I'm next to zero experience with beach Jeeping, but it's not a bad idea to have a shovel, a length of board and anything else you might need to get "un-stuck". The park service will not rescue you, although they will cheerfully call a towing company that undoubtedly charge a lot of change for the service! And the usual stuff...water, snacks, sunscreen, a beach chair and a good book. LOL Seriously, you'll really enjoy Kure and the Ft Fischer beach.
I bought a few things in preparation today. Those expensive tire deflators, a pump, a d-ring thing for my hitch.

Then I got some crazy idea about safety. Is it safe out there? I mean from no-goodnicks and whatnot? If I weren't traveling with my family, I wouldn't be concerned about but...
These might be some stupid questions, but how far do I drive on the beach?

And how do I keep an eye on my temps?

And, finally, is it going to be a problem that I don't have skid plates installed? Will the sand screw up my engine?
We had an awesome time! It was REALLY windy out there so we didn't say as long as we would have liked but the drive was a blast. I got a little crazy on the way out cutting across some ruts a couple of times but aside from that, I was a good little driver. :)

We saw an F150 or 250 stuck in the sand pretty close to the water and the tide was coming IN so I hope they were able to dig it out. There were no fewer than 5 guys with shovels working on it and it wasn't floating in the water when we left so I'm pretty sure it made it out.

There were TONS of other Jeeps out there but I think all of them were Wranglers. If my son wants a Wrangler when he starts driving, I will have the hardest time saying "no" to that. When I was his age I really wanted one and after getting my Jeep my love for them has returned pretty strongly. But I digress....

The JGC performed amazingly well. The sand was really thick and I felt like I was steering a boat at times but I never lost traction or felt like I was getting stuck. My kids loved the bouncing up and down while we were going in and out. I felt like a badass so that was good too. :)

The Staun deflators were worth every penny. They made airing down so easy. They were preset to 18 PSI so I just left them at that.

We will definitely do it again.

I've attached one photo from my iPhone but I've got better ones from my real camera. Those will get posted soon. :)


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I think I might have left a part of my jeep on the beach...


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D'oh! Must have been the "bounce-a-rama" in that going in/coming out stretch....
I think so. Oh well. Now the question is where do I get that part???
I'm sure it's missing because I checked mine after I saw that other thread about FCW and ACC and it was there. I'm not sure that it was lost on the beach though. I remember checking my truck after the trip, especially the front bumper area, and I didn't notice it missing. It could have fallen off since then - we had a 3 hour drive back from the beach. Perhaps it was knocked loose at the on the beach and fell off afterwards. Who knows?...
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