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I can not believe the performance of this vehicle. The so called "fish bite" issue with this vehicle is horrible. The vehicle sputters and tugs while driving between 35 and 65 miles per hour. I have had it in the shop three times for the same fish bite issue and everybody starts out denying the issue until you push and prod them into admitting that this problem has been known for a long time now. Chrysler, it seems, has promised a fix for the problem for a year now. They originally told me by August 2013 and as of Sept. 27 still nothing.

It is hard to believe that Chrysler treats customers this way. If you are considering buying a new JGC, I strongly recommend against it. I asked if the new 2014 was any better with the new 8 speed transmission and the service manager told me it was actually worse than the 2013.

This is BS I have a 2014 5.7 and it does not have the fish bite issue nor have I read about anyone else having it on here.
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