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nice. we should be getting more famous putting on name on the map. Come one come all.

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LOL...I was looking at autoblog and about passed out. I came straight here and posted it...but now I see that Peter and Joe already knew...LOL.

and...most people here can say that I have liked the wk2 since I first saw the concept drawings in like Feb. Irf is the 2011 hater....LOL
hehe just not feeling the x5 back:(

i love JG and we get recognized !!!

Representing JG all over :)

glad to be a part of it ...

IRF is a hater duh!!!

wk2 looks SICK!
hehehe indeed
im breaking my own rule but our haters post has been removed. thanks to all that 'reported' it. :lol:

41 - 44 of 44 Posts