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Jk lift

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So I am 100 percent new to wranglers had a wk before hand just traded it in. I got a brand new 2013 and wanna lift it ASAP. All I want is a 2 in h lift maybe 35s will I run into any problems long term with a lift or are there any tricks to help me with longevity
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Go 2.5-3.5 for 35s, are you 2 door or 4 door? For the lift and tires, I would go with AEV or Teraflex as they both have great reputations for the casual lifter and aren't overly complicated if you are putting them in yourself (just FYI Mopar/Jeep rebrands some of both companies products).

check the driveshaft angles and length (the lift kits usually will explain the height at which they need to be changed if at all but the taller kits usually recommend a change due to the force direction and length changes.) especially important on the 2 doors rear.

bracket or replace the lower control arms to get the right angles, upgrade the shocks ( the brackets will maintain the ride but the sport shock isn't that great, Rubicon might be ok without change), and get the Cgusset brackets and grade8 or 9 replacement bolt kit. consider replacing the front track bar. to dial in.

get the AEV module to reset the wheel size no matter what lift you get ( most tuners can do that same function and I'd get a tuner instead if you are planning to do intake/exhaust/supercharger later)

Just some extra FYI: MOPAR has a kit for the 3" kit. It seemed to be primarily teraflex and Fox racing parts and so I created the same kit out form the part manufacturers.

doing rock crawling starts to be a whole different beast and the articulation, clearance, and part angles start mattering a lot and event the armoring of the control arms starts to matter.
offroad racing goes the other way and the part sturdiness, springs, and shocks start to matter dearly and just start looking at additional coilovers and resevoirs and all sorts of fun stuff.
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