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JNAP Shifts?

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Hi! Not sure if this is a question anyone on the forum can answer, but here goes :) My Jeep was just built and I'm tracking it on here (Thanks Milous!). But after looking at all the vehicles being tracked, I have a question. What shifts/days does the Jefferson North Assembly Plant run?...does it run 24/7?... just curious what start/stops must do to the production cycle... I think I read on here they produce upwards of 1600 Jeeps a day in the plant! That can't be one shift, or even two, can it?!
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Two, ten hour shifts per day.

It's a long line with lots of vehicles being built (different stages) at the same time.

Unless it changed. :)

--- Monday to Friday, 10 hour shifts per day? Monday to Friday, 10 hour shifts per day?
I didn't say Monday through Friday, you did.

M-Sa 10hrs, 2 shifts.

Sundays are always a tentative thing.. We work most of em, but some weeks it's only 1 shift, some weeks its only Body shop, and other weeks it's 2 shifts full production.

However, on any given day, no vehicles are built from 4:30-6:00 am/pm.. (Production shift changes.)
Ahh, pretty much the plant is running something seven days a week. I was curious how that worked, but I guess it makes sense that they keep production moving as much as possible! Thanks! Keep up the good work Dev!
The question to ask: When should I order my Limited with regards to JNAP summer vacation?

Are the plants going to be idle for vacation this year?

Before JNAP vacation = folks are tired, but excited to be going on vacation
After JNAP vacation = well rested, but folks don't want to be back at work
There is NO JNAP vacation = Now they're tired, pissed off, and don't want to be working today.

CNN says in general no traditional summer shutdowns as there is too much business. In other words, "Make hay while the sun shines."
I heard that there may not be a shutdown this summer as well on the news recently. I would think that the summer shutdown is in addition to regular vacation time, and is unpaid as well. So maybe with no JNAP vacation the crew will be happy buzzing along making $$. So I would order with no regard for vacation :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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