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Just Purchased 2014 Grand Cherokee Ltd V6

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Hi All - Just purchased a new 2014 Grand Cherokee Ltd. As I have had it only three days I am not sure if this is typical or not of all Cherokees so just thought I would ask. Does the transmission appear a bit awkward when accelerating from 0 -20 MPH ( between speeds of 1-3 ). There are no strange noises or anything like that just doesn't seem as smooth as I would have expected. Hope I am providing enough of a description.

Thanks very much.
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While the ZF 8-speed is very smooth, I noticed in my wife's JGC (same model/engine) that when shifting upward through third gear and accelerating harder, there is a bit of a "feel" to it... nothing bad, but not as smooth as when accelerating more slowly. Otherwise, I have to look at the tach and/or gear indicator to see what gear it is actually in.

Still getting used to all the new stuff in it (when she lets me drive it ;) ).
Thanks, that is how I would explain it there is a "feel" or almost "jerky" movement to it. Just unclear if that is normal or something I should have checked out. Just a bit of more information, there is a difference as well if I ave the vehicle in "Eco" mode versus non ECO mode. Hope this helps a bit further to explain things. Appreciate the input and feedback

Thanks for the information, appears like a lot of people are experiencing the same issue. Will give it a try.
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