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Most of the vehicles today come with a factory "cold air intake system". They are designed so the air intake takes in only cold air from the front of the vehicle and they are a closed system. So no under-hood heat gets sucked in. The engineers design these intake so they can support all of the air flow needs of the engine. Yes they do look cool under the hood and they do get rid of the restricting air flow silencers in the factory intake tubes, and maybe have a nicer sound to them. I have used them in the past on several different vehicles and have never seen a decent performance gain out of any of them. If you a wanting to get a wow factor when you open the hood or wanting the slightly louder intake sound, by all means go for it. It's you ride and your money. But if you're looking for performance gain with one, I'd spent my money elsewhere.

I chose to go with an AEM Dryflow drop-in filter that just replaces the factory style filter in the stock box. The only thing that I'm considering is eliminating the factory air tube that's in-between the air box and the throttle body to smooth out the air flow. I haven't started looking but I'm sure someone out there makes one or has parts available to piece one together.
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