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Hi everyone. Finally getting around to an intro and build thread.

I purchased a 2015 Limited coming up on 2 years ago as a graduation present to myself. I came from a 2007 A4 that had a good amount of work done to it but it was time for something with a little more room and 4x4.

My mindset is to be OEM+ with some inspiration from the trailhawks. So far I have gone ahead and done a chrome delete using dark satin grey on the grill rings, bezels, emblems and mirror covers. I did matte black wrap on the window trim, gloss black on the roof rails, blacked out the rear reflectors and put on black door handle covers. The lower fascia has been plasti dipped black rather than wrap, I figured it would hold up better to wear and tear being that low. I also went ahead and installed Rhino Rack RSP27 rails and removed the "Limited" emblem on the back.

The wrap isn't perfect but I take pride in the fact that I'm doing it myself and saving some money. I plan to go back and fix the minor issues in the future now that I have some more experience with wrap.

Future plans include Rocky Road level, black "Grand Cherokee" emblems for the sides and a light bar. I have considered ninja lighting but I haven't decided if I wanna go that route or not.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for looking!


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