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Hey Guys,

Can anyone send me the engine/02 wiring schematics for the 2012 SRT8? I am still trying to troubleshoot some codes still coming up internally on the DiabloSport after installing my ARH headers, cats and exhaust. They've been turned off by the CMR tune, so the CEL is not coming on but the Diablois still catching them. I still think there's an underlying issue going on that I haven't solved yet. Everytime the codes come in, the exchaust note and throttle response completely changes in normal driving conditions.

The codes are normally P0153 and P2098, meaning slow response bank 2 sensor 1 and post catylyst bank2 running lean. Also got a new one in today - P0471 exhaust pressure/sensor performance. I've already replaced all of the O2s, so it's not the wiring harness or the O2s are not connected in properly. The rear O2s are turned off in the tune.

The only other culprit is either an exhaust leak (which I don't think it is or I would hear it) or one of the wires uptop is overheating or frayed. I remember we had to take the alternator off and everything to get the headers in and it was a PAIN to the get that front right 02 sensor to clip into the top wiring harness.

That's the reason I am asking for some sort of schematic to see how the wiring coming of the PCM, front engine block and alternator should look. This way I'm not pinching something when we put it back together.

If anyone has other thoughts or suggestions, let me know. I'm going to start working on it tomorrow...
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