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Has anyone done this on a 2012 GC Laredo yet? Mine has 23,000 mi and I can't seem to find anything on how to perform this procedure or torque setting for any of the components.

Thanks Les
You'll want to use a caliper pin grease specifically designed for very high temperatures.
There are all sorts of them, from Permatex, Dow, etc. where your local google must be down if you couldn't find anything.

Some prefer the lithium based ones, some prefer moly. I always used moly, but mainly because thats what the local parts stores had.

Do not use a general purpose grease/lube as it will very likely char and interfere with
the pads being able to retract properly. Make sure it is designed for brakes.

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Yeah thanks and I already know to use the brake specific grease. Looking for torque setting of fasteners and maybe a quick review of how to perform this procedure. Already tried to see if dealer would let me look at a shop manual but was told they don't have one I could see. Clymer and others don't have one yet. Seems to me with the crappy looking oil filter, no transmission dip stick, long fluid change intervals and other things they want this think to only last so long so you can junk it and buy new one.
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