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Reposted as new thread, originally posted in mods for off road, hoping that perhaps more 18" wheelers will have gone bigger on tire tize not for offroading ..

I'm currently running stock 245/60R18 on WK 2009 5.7. Will be installing Bilstein shocks and RC 2" lift.

Zero_psi and others have stated 255/70/18 works fine with no spacers or rubbing, or 265/70/17 with 1.5" spacers, so assume the same tier diameter equivalent (31") of the 265s would be a 265/65/18 tire . I would like to go bigger with spacers (265/70/18), would I be ok on 265/70/18 without rubbing? and assuming I would need to do the pinch weld mod too based on the size+spacers ... trimming the UCA bolt is NOT an option for me. I'm not too keen on the p/w either, but have access to a very decent body shop that can do a very clean job if required.

Tire choice will be an A/T , Cooper/Wrangler/Dueller/Firestone etc - whichever I can get my hands on as supply here is random at best (took 6 months to get 1/2 decent run flats - P-Zero - for the wife's E92).

Sand dunes here are massive (google big reds in Dubai), so better go out there prepared Its getting kinda hot now so off roading in the desert becomes too uncomfortable (when stuck and have to dig it out in over 100 degrees), so have enough time to plan lift/tires for when it cools down again in October.

Goes without say, I do a wheel alignment after any tire change.

-Note, I had to edit this thread three times; tire options turns thread posts into pure waffle!! I suppose the general question is what is the largest DIAMETER size for a WK tire on stock 18" rims with the following options: 1) with 1.5 inch spacers 2) with 1.5 inch spaces AND p/w

Comments/feedback most welcome!
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