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Meguiar's ultimate quick detailer ftw!!!

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wowowowow if anyone has used this then they know what i'm talking about!!! inbetween washes to remove small amount of dust/pollen/bird poo this is amazing!!! i throw this on after i wash and it looks incredible!!! i will take pics tom AM before i go to work and post the pics!!! great product and can get for $9 pretty much anywhere!!! autozone,pepboys and local auto store

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Its gonna be dirty by tomorrow morning Irfy...LOL..
hahahaha thats why i didn't put it on tonite:) gonna wake up 40 mins early tom and do it before work:)
featured on abc 7 today!!! srt8 in the beg of the video too!!!!
Love this stuff, but did anyone find it funny that in the video they are talking about conserving water, and use lots to show how the product repels water? haha
I like it too...but the sprayer on the bottle sux ass
I like it too...but the sprayer on the bottle sux ass
Pour it into an old Windex bottle and then you can adjust the spray however you like it.
Yep...thats what I do...but I have spray bottles I use just for detailing products. They have an adjustable sprayer etc.
honestly this stuff is good but nothing is better than the meguiars in the commercial whole sale value. its def different cause when i use the store generic stuff it seems weaker and its more of an efforts wiping it on and off (feels sticky) on the other hand the commercial meguiars im speaking about never feels sticky and always wipes effortlessly and is smooth wiping all the way through. i dunno guess its just me. haha
yeah i love last touch too bro:) i have gallon of that as well:) uqd has better properties though. it has their hydroblahblahblah technology!
It takes you forty minutes to quick detail your Jeep? SMH
i do it very carefully and with love:) lol
i do it very carefully and with love:) lol

depending if im doing a full or partial quick detail but if im rushing a quick detail job- it usually takes me 15-20 minutes or so. but i wipe and clean every aspect of the painted trim on the car. interior doorwells and etc. anywhere theres brilliant black- it gets wiped- even under the hood (where its painted along the trim- that too:D)

now if im doing a full out quick detail (lol:lol: full out quick* detail) that would include cleaning the wheels- i hate having dirty wheels or just cleaning the spokes and leaving the dishes all grimey so i bust out the rag with bucket of water and wipe and wipe and wipe (if there is no hose) then dry them off completely ( i have a lot of rags :p) then i full detail the entire car.

hehehe indeed there are 2 ways, quick or LOOONG lol
I always use it once I dry the car after a wash, gives it that extra slick coat and beads water so nicely.
Oh I have been using that stuff for years!!!

Yes, I am still using it!
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