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I have a 2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk with almost 67k miles. I purchased it in June of 2022, due to totaling my 2020 Jeep Compass Latitude and loving it so much I wanted another. A couple of weeks ago I started noticing a clunking noise when I go over bumps coming from my right front tire. I began doing research on possibilities of what it could be and narrowed it down to the sway bar links. I got an appointment at the local jeep dealership and they confirmed my diagnosis and said the sway bar links needed to be replaced. They were going to charge me $875 to do it, but my mechanic I have been using my whole life offered to do it for much cheaper.

When we took it to him, he called and asked if we were sure it was the sway bar links because he didn't see anything wrong with those however he said my motor mounts needed to be addressed. I told him use and even told him where he could find the paper where the jeep dealership told me it was the sway bar links. He put it up again and once again said he didn't see anything wrong, and that it was my motor mount that needed to be replaced, but that he didn't have the right tool to do it because it requires some special tool. We scheduled it to see another jeep dealer closer to where we are from and where we took it the second time. They also said it was the sway bar links even after we told them we had been told it wasn't and that it was the motor mount. The guy there told us that he couldn't say for sure if it was the motor mount or not but he knew it was the sway bar links, so if the noise continues following the service we would know to go back in and replace those.

I picked my car up on a Tuesday and everything was fine. No more noise coming from the front passenger side tire. No clunking noises at all. Fast forward 2 days, and ANOTHER noise has started. Except this time it is coming from the drivers side almost sounds like from the middle. And it is way worse than the noise I heard the last time like sounds like the thing is falling apart.

Now I am thinking the jeep dealers were right, because that noise did stop, but I also think my local mechanic was right and the motor mount needs to be replaced too. Does anyone have any advice on this or have any experience with this issue too?
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