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My 2012 Overland SRT Hybrid

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Hey guys, I just wanted to show off my completed project. This was my attempt to combine all my favorite visual items from both an Overland and an SRT-8. It's been a long road getting everything the way I wanted but in the end i'm pretty happy with the results. Being there are so many of us Jeep owners on the road I finally feel like I made the car my own and could stand apart from the rest of the lineup. First off i'd like to thank Chad from Black Ops for working with me on the body kit. I wont comment too much on the preparation or the installation process of the bumpers because mine will most likely be alot different then yours if you order a kit. Chad and I were in communication throughout the whole process and he has been adjusting and perfecting the kit for a more streamline install. Its hard to tell from the pictures but the exhaust tips are beasts and look great in person, the chrome stands out a lot more than the black OEM tips.

Other mods on the car include

Taillight Solutions rear fog kit
Sharkfin antenna
LED License plate bulb replacement
Replica SRT 20in rims
De-badged rear and finished off with SRT Design badge

I know there is a lot going on here, and its sort of mixing "looks" but overall I think it all works for my tastes. I'm not trying to be a poser by turning the car in to an SRT-8 and to be honest I think only die hard jeep fans would even notice a difference, but I love the SRT design and being the price went up so much since I owned my WK SRT-8 I thought I'd work with what I have.
Any way I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

Here is a night shot before I changed from stock rims

and one from the back to show the tail light solutions kit

and the badging

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Great job, looks amazing!
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