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Yes, believe it or not, this has been the first time I actually washed, used a claybar, and waxed my Jeep!
Usually Ill just take it to the touchless down the street!

Here is what I did/used...

1. Washed Jeep with Dawn in a bucket with a wash mitt!
2. Towel dried with a waffle towel!
3. Claybar with the Mothers Kit! (Kit included 2 clay bars, spray and a towel...I only used 1 clay bar though)
4. Waxed with ICE!
5. Went over whole truck with ICE QD and clean towel!

Not sure if I did all the right steps or left some out or what, but that is what I did! LOL

Anyway, These are nothing special, but...

As I am taking the pics, I notice this...

Must have happened when I ran in to grab the camera!!!!!! FAWK!

I did quickly clean it off though! ;)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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