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I searched Jeep's national database for a '13 Limited equipped the way I wanted and found 3 in the western US that were acceptable to me. Two silvers were in Susanville, CA (95 miles NW of Reno) and some-tiny-town, Idaho, and one metallic gray one was in Cottonwood, AZ, just 90 miles or so north of Phoenix. By the time I called Cottonwood Saturday, the gray one was gone, so I called Susanville, talked a good bit, and put a big deposit on it. Couldn't get up there until Monday afternoon, and by the time everything was completed, I didn't get on the road until after 8PM. Made it 200+ miles to Hawthorne, cigarettesmoke'vada, stayed overnight, and got home about 6PM Tuesday. Went on a long-planned foto trip Wednesday and exercised the 4WD and Quadra-lift systems well.

This one's silver, with V6, off-pavement-adventure II package, tow package, a minor luxury option that includes power-vented front seats that feel great when it's hot, and moonroof which I would not have ordered. This Grandokee looks better and is equipped nicer than I though it would be. I'm VERY happy. :D

Am still considering tires and wheels, but after changing engineoil and filter today and looking around the bottom, etc., it surely can accommodate about-32" tires, so probably I'll order the Nitto NT421Qs in 275/55-20 from Discount Tire Direct. The '421s are Nitto's new premium M&S, high-performance SUV tires. If they're as good as the Nitto Motivos I have on my Escape, they'll be excellent.


Wheels will be these...
Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct

Even on low, the rear end is a little--maybe a half-inch--too high, so I might try tweeking the separately-mounted height sensors. We'll see.
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