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My new 2014 Limited

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Hey all. First Jeep, first post on this board. I just picked up this 2014 Limited 4x4 last month and so far it's been a blast. Coming from a BMW 335i, it's quite liberating to not have to worry about that gutter at the end of the driveway anymore. I've slapped an Airaid CAI in and have a XenonDepot kit on order, so a bunch of little mods are underway.

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Nice Jeep, nice picture. I'm gonna guess some mangroves of south Florida, The Keys? ( if it's North Dakota...well, it's frikn' early)
Just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Nah, I'm kidding- it's the mangrove marshes around Ponce Inlet, Florida. You were pretty close. :thumbsup:

Nice pic. Certainly has something of an Instagram look to it?????

Makes me pine for red.....,
In the biz we call it "the matte look." Pulls from old chemical processes and other nostalgic and impractical elements. It's fun to do though. And yea, this Jeep is a real headscratcher for me as I've historically avoided SUVs and also red cars. Now I've got both and wouldn't change a damn thing!

Looks sharp! Congratulations.

Thank ye. Cheers!
Congratulations on the new Jeep! Let us know if you need any help regarding the HID kit installation - don't hesitate to ask. We would love to see some photos when you get it installed.

Thanks. Everything should be here any day now!
Thought I'd throw a snap or two from yesterday afternoon up.

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Arg! My XenonDepot kit came in and one of the CBFIX modules popped on me. :(
Ya know, that's what I thought too, but it matched the setup of the other light exactly.

I went out last night to photograph the Perseid meteor shower, but after an hour of not really seeing anything and being devoured by mosquitoes, I snapped this of the Jeep and rolled out.
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That's a beautiful picture, how exactly did you take it? And what post processing was involved?
Thanks! It's pretty simple- it's one 30 second exposure with a bit of light painting on the Jeep with a Maglite and a pop-up diffuser. Shooting at high ISO increases the detail in the sky, but makes the exposure on the Jeep a bit tough because it's then much easier to overexpose. Lots of trial and error here.

For post processing, just distortion correction, toning, cloning, and tweaking.

Wow what a picture is all i have to say!
Just above those two trees behind your windshield, a bit below that one single start, isn't that a meteor trail aimed almost as if heading for you jeep?
Nah, it's just an airplane that I should have cloned out. The meteors would have been much higher up in the sky.
How do you like that Airaid CAI? Is it a dry or oil-soaked filter? Any increase in engine sounds? Any effect on performance?
So far, so good, I guess. It's the dry filter- performance gains are seemingly non-existent and you can really only hear it from the outside or with the windows down, which is really just fine by me. In hindsight, I might have spent the $170 a little differently, but nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.

Since I have been looking for awhile now and this photo is amazing, what is the camera / lens you are using.
The Milky Way shot was done on a Nikon D700 with a 16-35 f/4. The others were done with a 24-70 f/2.8.

You've got some awesome stuff on your site. Diamond Girls looks like it was a fun project!
Thanks. It was. . . certainly more work and stressful than you'd think it'd be. . .
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Went out under the full moon to shoot this:

Drove through some really deep and soft sand with zero issues whatsoever. After I pick up some tow hooks and have a buddy with me I'll tackle the mud holes. :D
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Spent the weekend in Boone, NC. Snow, ice, and steep mountain grades couldn't stop the Jeep.

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hmmmm how come you have different headlights to the normal limited here in aus? looks like the old headlight?
Yea. You guys get the HID headlights on all of your trim levels as standard. Here they're only standard on the Overland and Summit. They're optional on the Limited models. :(
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