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I wanted to share with the group my experience with my 2012 and adding a whipple supercharger.
Short version - IT HAS BEEN GREAT, very limited issues as explained below.

At 101K miles I made the decision to keep my 2012 jeep rather than trade it in. I had a deer strike two years ago which "blew" the front end off of it and bent one of the control arms, then last year another that popped the airbags and rolled down the side - yeah $14K in repairs = No trade-in value.
I went to a local shop that had a good reputation and inquired about new brake rotors, pads, tires, new plugs, and a custom tune.
The shop had a used 2.9 Whipple Gen2 on the counter that was recently removed. The shop owner mentioned that they were selling it for the jeep owners family and it would be a great deal. I was not interested initially because with my jeeps milage why would you even consider such nonsense. After some discussion, I decided to go ahead with it IF they would do a compression check AND IF things looked good. Everything checked out and the whipple was installed with a new install kit, the only non-new item was the unit itself.
The dyno pull showed 587whp and 568ft/lb. The torque was down a bit due to a slipping torque converter which is understandable.
Performance wise, it is impressive.
I have racked up another 9K miles driving 90 miles round trip to work. (yes its my daily driver)
Gas milage has been a solid 16.x when I drive normally, but I will admit, it is difficult to keep the foot out of it.
Presently I have a new transmission ordered and I am in the planning stages of some engine mods.
A forged short-block, getting the heads rebuilt, cam, 62mm HellCat TB, and a bit more boost. Looking for around 700/725whp as long as the drivability isn't compromised. By drivability I am referring to things like not having to have a stall-converter and keeping the milage somewhere above 13 if at all possible.

Take-Aways from my experience are as follows:
The 2012/2013's will handle a modest boost from a whipple without issue IF you have taken care of your engine AND your tuner knows what they are doing.
Likewise the NAG1 transmission will hold up to about 550whp (unless it has 100k miles - LOL)

Additionally, I would like to thank those who post their experiences here. I enjoy the pics and commentary both positive and negative.

2012 - Jeep GC SRT - Mineral Grey
MODS: Borla ATAK, Whipple 2.9, 180 Thermostat, colder plugs, powder coated and machined spider monkey's. EBC Slotted Rotors, EBC Yellow pads, Michellin Pilot Sport AS 3+ tires, tuned by shop with HPTuner.
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