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Hey everyone, made a bad mistake yesterday running a brake controller wire on my 2010 jeep grand.

I was running the wire throw the firewall grommet and sliced into the wire harness running by the brake cylinder. Broke one wire, damaged 3-4 others. I quickly disconnected the battery but I must of shorted something out. I fixed the wires and reconnected everyone and have several items that are still not working. Only 1 was broken, the others just had the jacket damaged.

Cluster - none of the gauges work. Right screen is black (usually shows air temp, etc), left screen works shows the gear I am in and the odometer.

Heat/AC does not work. Fan control does nothing.

ESP, Park assist and the power outlet buttons below the radio do not work. Hazards do work.

Door locks do not work.

Controls on the steering wheel to cycle throw air temp, etc and radio buttons on steering wheel do not work. Everything on the blinker stick work (i.e., blinker, headlights, etc). Wipers work.

Any ideas were to start? A buddy who is a mechanic came over to help and said we probably need to replace fuse junction box as he thought it spelled burnt. All fuses have been tested and are good.

All fuses in the engine boxes have been tested, only 1 was burn out (front power window).

Any ideas and assistance would be great. Appreciate the help.
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