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Looking for some help and guidance…would appreciate working with @JeepCares
First let me say I love my Jeep. Like everyone, I worked hard to make my dream vehicle reality. I was able to purchase the Lifetime Maximum warranty. I felt extremely fortunate to have it and let everyone know that.
Short version is my 2011 Jeep Wrangler has been at the dealership since November 2021. It was towed there with several issues including the check engine light. 3 critical issues were found and parts were ordered. The parts came in February 2022 and at that point the dealership reran the codes and found 4 additional critical codes that were different than the original 3. Those codes led to the engine being the issue. I was asked in March to provide service records which I did to include 84 pages of timely maintenance both by mileage and months.
Now for some additional information…that documentation also included the 17 hot oil and check engine lights that the Jeep has went to the dealership with since buying the vehicle. The first one having been a hot oil light in less than a month of ownership at mile 3,017.
In spite of the documentation and issues, the engine has been denied through the warranty for the initial request and appeal. In talking to the dealership they say it is the warranty company denying; in talking to the warranty company they say it is the dealership technician who says it should be denied even though the dealership submitted the second request to reconsider the denial; and after seeking help from Jeep they said they cannot help.
The Jeep is now sitting at the dealership as we enter the 7th month. No repairs have been completed by the dealership since they will only complete all issues at one time including the non engine related ones. And I don’t know where to go from here.
I love my Jeep. I believe in the warranty. I know that my Jeep had issues from the very start and believe the ongoing lack of proper diagnosis consistently since 2011 by the dealership has caused this to build and made a bad situation worse. I have taken care of my Jeep and just want someone to take a look at the situation as a whole.
I would appreciate any guidance that anyone can give. Thanks!
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