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In upper class RVs Power Conditioning Devices are common because typical alternator power systems are full of trash when working properly and I have seen 200v spikes if a ground comes loose and most consumer electronics needs clean power to operate properly.

It is getting pretty evident particularly in the 2014s that the electronics must have clean power or Things Go Wonkey.

This does not have to be that way, in another forum the CRT/Touchscreen in my 88 has proven to be very reliable for over 25 years but that has many discrete components that are resistant to EMP. Also the alternator connects directly to the battery over a very short heavy wire since they are next to each other.

Evidently the modern complex electronics in all of these different modules are not (does anyone know what the design spec for power that CJF levies on their suppliers is ? ) and the current trend toward reduced gauge wire is not helping. I suspect a wiring diagram of the '14s would speak wonders but is not available to mere owners.

For the tablet in my heep I am using conditioned power from a switcher and have had no problem with my '12.

Just speect that all of these issues (Christmas trees, totally ded, ABS module, erratic Sat-Nav, Uconnect, and USB) may all stem from a common issue: trash 12v.

Will be interesting to see how this all works out particularly when 20,000 psi injectors and glow plugs are added to the mix.
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