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You know, you could always put the misses in the cargo area or on the roof, freeing up the front seat for the dogs on the long trips.

Kidding aside, this person below brings up a strong and largely overlooked problem. Those two dog crates will become little missiles in the unfortunate event of an accident, ESP if they are right below and next to your baby. I personally would tie them down in the back. Maybe also get a cargo container for the top or one of those tow hitch kinds. IMO , with 2 adults, a baby and two dogs and all the gear that goes along with road trips, you may just want to get one anyways.

Just my thoughts

Ps fwiw, just going on road trips with another person doesn't leave a ton of space leftover. Then again, that is usually bulky camping gear.
As for your dog carriers, I think having two in the backseat would be a pretty tight fit. I think having them strapped down in the cargo area is probably safest. We have two bulldogs and they go in the back, along with a weathertech floor mat for all the dog hair. Another thing to think about, if you were in an accident and the vehicle rolled, you wouldn't want two dog crates flying around the vehicle and landing on your baby. Also, for longer car rides, someone might want to ride in the back with the baby to keep him/her occupied. Having a screaming baby while driving does not do a person good. In short, my opinion is move dogs to cargo area and strap the crates down.
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