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We have a 2012 and have a rear facing Britax Marathon 70 behind the driver's seat. I am 5'7" and my husband is 5'11". With a rear facing seat you don't want the back of the seat touching the top of the car seat so you do need to have a little room between them, I would say we have maybe 2 inches. I would prefer the seat be back a little bit but it is fine where it is. There is also the option to put the car seat on the passenger side but the way our garage is, that just isn't possible unless I wanted to back out before I put the baby in. As for your dog carriers, I think having two in the backseat would be a pretty tight fit. I think having them strapped down in the cargo area is probably safest. We have two bulldogs and they go in the back, along with a weathertech floor mat for all the dog hair. Another thing to think about, if you were in an accident and the vehicle rolled, you wouldn't want two dog crates flying around the vehicle and landing on your baby. Also, for longer car rides, someone might want to ride in the back with the baby to keep him/her occupied. Having a screaming baby while driving does not do a person good. In short, my opinion is move dogs to cargo area and strap the crates down.
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