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First post to the Jeep Garage!
Purchased the Cherokee in September with the Elite package to get the heated steering wheel. Overall very happy with the Jeep it is really fun to drive and looking forward to getting into the snow this winter in Minnesota!
One concern I have is with an option that I was not expecting, the Hands Free Lift Gate (HFLG). It works very intermittently and was recently in the Jeep dealership shop for 2 1/2 weeks. They were in communication with Chrysler and ended up installing a new kick sensor and module. The HFLG still does not work all the time. Happy with the job the shop is doing and they are telling me the next step is to have a field service rep come take a look at it.
Is anyone else having problems with the HFLG? Did not see much in a search in the Garage but maybe not looking in the right place.
Suggestions on contacts at Jeep or FCA other than Customer Care that could help?
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