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Hey all, I am new, I previosuly owned a 2004 Grand Cherokee that I had lifted 3", and had 31's on it. Now I am looking at either the 2013 Trailhawk or Limited, or a 2014 Diesel Limited... Here's my conundrum: What type of modifications can be done with the Quadra-Lift system? Can I have larger Off-Road capable tires (than stock) on a quadra-lift Trailhawk or Limited? Should I go with a 2013/2014 without the Quadra-lift and lift myself? I miss off-roading, and am lookign forward to it very much - but want to make sure I purchase the right vehicle, and know what I can and cannot do to it for off-road modifications. Thanks everyone!
I have a WK2 and skipped the quadra lift. I went for the springs as it is the only version that can be lifted. Dobinsons have a lift for it available now and also ARB have been developing a 2 inch lift kit for the last twelve months. They are still in testing before releasing which hopefully will be in the next month or two. I also was able to fit Cooper AT3 LT 275/65/18 tires. I have the diesel and it makes a great touring vehicle. I tow a 1,400 kg camper trailer and get great mileage.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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