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New Exhaust - another Nifty Production

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:w00: x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Original, stock exhaust right before going in the shop:

First start with the new DynoMaxter:

Then me playing with my new DynoMaxter, lol!!:

The actual set up is this:
-removed all stock system from the flange in front of muffler
-welded stock flange onto 3" inlet piping to DynoMax X muffler
-welded custom mandrel bent 3" over-the-axle-to-center piping
-welded 3-4" adaptors
-welded 5" FlowMaster tips (painted gloss/semi-gloss black, FTMFW!)
-welded custom made hangers as well
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That exhaust is just badass......simply badass. Great Job!
Thanks :D :D I love starting it up every morning and hearing it wake the neighborhood, lol!!
Sounds awesome!!!

What are the rims in your sig?
Sounds nasty! I love the blacked-out exhaust tips too
Thanks guys.

Yeah, I thought that was a good idea to help separate me from the rest of the 5" tips out there, lol. Plus it brings me one step closer to total blackout :D
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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