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Logging in. Ordered JGC summit 4x4 Ecodesiel.
Welcome Mike! Join us in the wait.

Since you will read and ultimately have's the basic info:

As of yesterday, the first CRDs (ED sounds like an unpleasant medical condition) have made it through production to inspection according to insider info. Order books opened 8/9 and a substantial number of orders accumulated that other words, CRDs are backlogged but flowing through production at the moment.

Your dealer should have requested your email address and provided you with a VON (Vehicle Order Number) as soon as they entered the order. That's your first confirmation that your order is in the system.

You will receive 3 or more emails.

1. pre-Schedule acknowledgment, followed in a few weeks by

2. Production Scheduled

3. Production updates stating where the vehicle is that particular day once the build starts. The vehicle is usually finished in 24 hours or less so you may only get one email. They only send one per day.

The first email will invite you to use VOTS, an online tracking system. You may also elect to become a Level 3 site contributor here and use MOTS which is a secondary tracking system with more detail that is provided through Jeep Garage and Milous, one of the members here.

Whew! There's up and you'll figure it all out if you like.


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