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New member, TCM issues Please HELP

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About a month ago my wife's 2006 Grand Cherokee Laredo v6, 3.7L, RWD decided to go haywire. It will not shift out of 1st gear (limp mode) even after several restarts. Check engine light, ESP/BAS, and Traction Control lights are all on. Dealership checked it out and said that it needed a new TCM. I was told that the TCM was part of the PCM in my model and year. Bought new PCM (programmed and updated) and installed it, still same exact problems as above. The two codes it is spitting out are p0605 and u0101. Guess my first question would be is the TCM and PCM the same part for my make and model (I've heard yes and no) and does anybody have any other suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I just replaced a TCM on my Liberty with a part from the junk yard. No issues whatsoever, no programming required, and works like a charm.
Can anyone confirm the uk 2008 3.0 crd wk/wh version has a tcm or is it build into pcm.
I assume you're asking about a Grand Cherokee? I just know that in a Jeep Liberty it has two different PCMs (Powertrain Control Modules) that have been coupled with the PowerTech. The JTEC was the older controller and the NGC is the newer controller. The JTEC PCM had three connectors on it and used a separate TCM(Transmission Control Module), while the NGC has four because it integrates the TCM. 2006-2007 Libertys use a hybrid bus system in which the PCM, gas TCM, and ABM (ABS and ESP) use the CAN Bus and everything else uses the PCI Bus. The BCM (Body Control Module) then acts as a bridge between the PCI Bus and CAN Bus.
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