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New memeber from upstate SC

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Whats up everyone.My name is Jamie I'm in the upstate of SC.I'm trying research as much as I can about Jeep WK's as I am currently in the market for one,hopefully a 5.7 and definitely a 4wd for some light trail action here and there.I had an 96 XJ that I had big plans for years ago but totaled it when a kid pulled out in front of me in a honda,since then I have been beating around in a 03 Ram 1500.My fiance' and I want four doors I am now Jeep shopping!Hope to post up pics and what not as soon as I get one and start modding.
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Welcome to JeepGarage!!
:) Howdy! Welcome to Jeep Garage :)
Welcome from the Charlotte/Lake Norman area of NC!
Welcome to the JG!!
Welcome to JeepGarage|
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