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Instead of waiting for the Summit I ordered, I found one in the new Auburn Brown (which i really liked once i finally saw it) and had my dealer trade for it. So i get to pick it up this Saturday. This is not the actual vehicle but close enough:

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Plano | New Jeep SUV - 1C4RJFJT5EC160882

OS, I need AT's for work, fields, muddy construction sites, etc and lots of highway driving in between - around 35,000 miles a year.

I will stick to stock sizes because I cant change tire sizes on the computer yet and I have to feel the mfg picked that size for a reason.

If I stick with the 20's, the only real options are the Nitto Terra Graplers. I have only heard good things about them. The only real negative is that with 20's there is not that much side wall. This is not a huge deal but something to consider.

Going to discount tire today, I looked at 18" combos as well. if i go to an 18" I can get the Goodyear Silent Armor (which I think is an excellent tire). The best wheels we could find are the MB TKO in an 18x9:

Wheel Details - Discount Tire

They are pretty cheep compared to most wheels and I think the matte black will look good with the brown (not sure).

I would love everybody's opinions as I have a good day or two to decide.
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