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New wheels/tires on the rig

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Just thought I would show the boys my most recent purchase.

18" 2013 Sahara wheels on dueler A/T 255/70r18's with about 500 miles on them!

No rubbing and no spacers needed and the full size matching spare wheel/tire fit perfectly under the spare tire door.

One thing that was weird; when the tires were cold no tpms light came on but when the tires got warm, it came on. I am thinking maybe bc I had my other wheels in the trunk that maybe there was radio interference, but if not I will just swap out the ones on my stock 17's.

And one last thing... Does anyone know if the Sahara unlimited comes with tpms?


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Thanks brother. Really pleased about the purchase.

Truth be told I was nervous about the potential for rubbing.. But alas, it worked!
Yea. Under the pasti dip is chrome, but the flat black always calls me home.

Since I have a Laredo, it just flashes then stays on. It doesn't measure each tire like on the limited.
Looks great, how is road noise and smoothness? What about highway?

Honestly, I see/hear no real difference from these tires to the stock ones. I mean, slightly more road noise, but with the windows up, you can't hear it at all.
Looks nice....

Let us know if your gas mileage drops drastically.
my next road trip I def will.
looks good! those running boards will really come in handy now with the taller tire you have on.
LOL.. Already was apprised of that from the little lady.
Congrats! Looks bad ass
Thanks brother. Took a while to find the ones that I liked and boom.

Although I did like the standard sahara wheels, these anniversary ones really stood out as something different.

More pics to come.
And here are a few more profile pics.


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They look great, just curious though, did u want the white lettering on the outside or just didnt think about it?
Didn't even think about it until I saw them. But, since I am going to transfer the TPMS from my old shoes to these, I will have them turn em around before they mount.
Looks really, really nice!! I wonder if these tires would fit on my '14 Summit? Shouldn't be any different, right? I also would love to hear about mpgs.

As for MPG, I took a trip to LI last night (approximately 35 miles each way) with traffic pretty much the whole way to and partially on the way back.

Started the trip with:

2071 miles on the odometer
239 miles DTE

Ended the trip with:
2141 miles on the odometer
170 miles DTE

Tires aired to 41 psi all around with no AC on and literally traffic the entire way there except for when I got off of the LIE. Then it was approximately 10 miles of back roads with a few traffic lights.

So, all in all, MPG seems to be within the normal range of the rig.

What say yall?

Oh, and I can't see a reason why these tires/wheels wouldn't fit your 2014
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Looks real good man!

I've been wanting to powder coat the chrome wheels on my truck but I'm always weary of the durability of it. I don't have any experience with it.

I used the tpms sensors that were on the 2013 JK wheels on our 2011 and they are working flawlessly.
Thanks brother. Actually, it isn't full powder coat, it's plasti dip, so if you don't like it, you can just pull it of.

Personally, I love the look, so it's Gunna a stay that way.

As for the tpms, doing the swap this weekend
You are lucky to find those wheels they aren't that common since they are 70th anniversary from the special editions 2011 JK. I was hunting down a set on ebay once and never saw another set posted again while I was looking.
I actually saw a few sets on there as recently as two weeks ago, but are going for more than double what I paid. So, I feel like a lucky young man.


P.S. the ones that I got were off of an 2013.

Here they are on an old posting.
Those fit nice and the color looks sweet!
Thanks man. At first, I couldn't get a definite answer on if they would fit without rubbing, but when I put the first one one, I honestly was kinda in awe about how great they looked on the rig.

Put a few hundred miles on her since and couldn't be happier.
Checked out pics again and really like the stance with 18's.
Totally agree. My only gripe (kinda stupid one) is when i apply tire shine, it always whips up and gets on the doors. Its the spray on foam.. So, i think I am going to apply it then go at it with a pain brush to try to get it out of the grooves of the tire. Other than that ridiculous gripe, I couldn't be happier. Now, I just can't wait for the snow to come so I can see how she handles.
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