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New wheels/tires on the rig

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Just thought I would show the boys my most recent purchase.

18" 2013 Sahara wheels on dueler A/T 255/70r18's with about 500 miles on them!

No rubbing and no spacers needed and the full size matching spare wheel/tire fit perfectly under the spare tire door.

One thing that was weird; when the tires were cold no tpms light came on but when the tires got warm, it came on. I am thinking maybe bc I had my other wheels in the trunk that maybe there was radio interference, but if not I will just swap out the ones on my stock 17's.

And one last thing... Does anyone know if the Sahara unlimited comes with tpms?


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Those wheels look sweet on there. Always have a soft spot for black powdercoating too. :).

From what I understand about the TPMS, they've been required by law on every vehicle since 08. It's just a difference if you get an actual tire pressure reading in the EVIC or if the light turns on or flashes on the cluster.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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