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2018 JGC - High Altitude - 5.7 Hemi
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Hi all....

Just wanted to introduce myself...
My name is Brian and im the newest owner to a 2019 Jeep GC SRT in SG

am on a few other forums as well
Welcome to the forum.

Was looking at buying an SRT when I was shopping around and settled on my new High-Altitude II with HEMI when it amp out end of 2017 (2018 model year). I figured I would end up with too many tix :p Happy with the 5.7 and the "Fun" button as I call it. Hit the sport button and it is plenty satisfying without the need for a lawyer to defend a ticket LOL

Congrats on the new toy, let's see it.

PS- Put money away extra gas $$ with prices going up :)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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